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Inspiration for upcycling HANAH jars

Inspiration for upcycling HANAH jars

How to use leftover jars in every part of your home

At HANAH, sustainability is one of the most important concepts that drives our actions. From sourcing ingrededients in small batches on an as-needed basis, to the local harvesters we employ who have deep respect for the environment and soil and treat it as such, we are always conscious of the effects we have on the planet. It's no different when it comes to our homes.

When you think of a sustainable home what comes to mind? Solar panels, bamboo paper towels, minimalist décor, maybe even organic cotton sheets made out of recycled plastics. The simplest trick in the book, even for the beginner green-conscious, is jars. And if you've used HANAH products, you probably have a few of our amber glass jars that are ready for a second life. From sustainable replacements for storing pantry items to lovely additions to any minimalist or maximalist décor, these glass containers never disappoint or run out of uses. Additionally, no one enjoys the sound (or feeling) of throwing a jar in the trash with so much potential for repurposing.

So here you are, stuck with a few or many empty HANAH jars and you are running out of ideas to upcycle. First things first. As much as HANAH appreciates when our customers tell their friends about us, having a company’s sticky label on your sustainable home décor is not the most pleasing to the eye. Furthermore, you do not want to be left over with sappy residue left on the jar. Removing labels and sticky residue can be as easy as soaking the jars overnight in hot soapy water. To ensure no stubborn glue is left on the jar, try adding olive or vegetable oil to the jar for a couple of minutes and then wipe off.

Now, let’s go beyond using jars as vases or drinking glasses. Here are unique ways to upcycle those empty, leftover HANAH containers.

Marinate in jars

Instead of using single-use plastic bags to marinate your meat, tofu or veggies, reuse glass jars instead. It will help you use less plastic at home since you can simply wash and reuse the jars when you’re done.

Store leftovers in the refrigerator

Storing food in jars isn’t limited to your pantry. You can also use it to store food in the fridge. Use glass jars to store leftovers in your refrigerator such as sauces, soups and salads. You can even pack your breakfast or lunch in a jar for a grab-and-go meal the next day.

Reuse jars for candles

Sustainably set the mood with leftover jars. Use your empty jar as a candle holder, or if you're feeling crafty, make your own. Mix candle wax and essential oils then pour into the empty jar with a length of wick inserted.

Succulent or herb garden

Test your green thumb by using your jars for a new window garden. Fill with soil, then plant a seed or add a pre-grown baby succulent or small bunch of fresh herbs.

Macrame hanging jar

There is only so much shelf space for sustainable decorations, so try hanging macrame jars. It can be the perfect way to display your succulents, small flowers, or to hold your kitchen herbs.

Any and everything organizer and holder

From your desk to your bathroom, empty HANAH jars are great to store paper clips, pencils, toothbrushes or cotton swabs. There's no need to spend additional money when you have beautiful amber jars just waiting to be repurposed. 

Creative and sustainable gift holders

Whether it is a gift card, jewelry or homemade treat, place your present in an empty, decorated jar. Your friend gets two gifts: Your present and a new jar for them to reuse!

Jar lid magnets

There are plenty of uses for jars with no lids but not a lot of uses for lids with no jars. Try jar lid magnets! Glue a magnetic strip on the back of the lid, then insert circle-shaped pictures inside the lid or decorate with funky patterns. Jar lid magnets are a perfect for crafty adults or a fun project with kids.

These are just a few creative and practical ways you can reuse your jars. We would love to see how you upcycle your empty HANAH jars! Send us your jar solutions and creations to

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