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How I turned a terrible injury into the inspiration for a new company

How I turned a terrible injury into the inspiration for a new company

As of writing this, I’m 39 years old.

I’ve been quite healthy and athletic all my life; playing golf and ice hockey before moving into snowboarding and bicycle racing. I have a healthy and balanced diet and have done juice cleanses a couple of times a year since I was 24. I drink wine and beer and travel extensively. Basically, I live a healthy and full life.

In 2008 I was in a very bad bicycle crash. I dislocated my collarbone requiring surgery, and hit my head on the ground at full speed (the helmet saved my life). After surgery on the shoulder and a very uncomfortable 6 days without sleep, I realized I had a much worse condition to deal with: a severe concussion. The doctors in Prague gave me medication and were not very sympathetic to the fact that I could not close my eyes, due to the severe dizziness. This meant lying in bed, in extreme pain, dead tired, but unable to sleep or close my eyes. They recommended pain medication and sleeping pills, which did not work. In fact, they made it worse. I was in a horrible state, away from my family and unable to help myself.

A series of coincidences led me to an Ayurvedic doctor by the name of Dr. George Eassey who lived in Prague.

After our initial meeting he invited me to his office for a consultation. Dr. George gave me a series of Indian herbs and other Ayurvedic remedies that I was to take, along with one recipe that I was to cook at home. In just two days I was able to sleep perfectly. I took no western painkillers or sleeping pills. As a byproduct of this meeting and my new diet, my shoulder healed in two months instead of the minimum of three months that the doctor insisted I would need for recovery.

Dr. George Eassey and I became very close friends. We met twice a week for tea and to discuss such things as India, Ayurveda, and life in general. He mentored me and slowly gave me as much information as I could handle on all topics. He was truly one of the kindest, most amazing people I have ever met. Dr. George’s work was focused on curing cancer, AIDS and other diseases around the world. He died suddenly from illness while working on a cure for cancer. In one of our last communications, Dr. George connected me with one of the foremost Ayurvedic doctors in India. Since that time I have been working diligently to continue his work, create new products and take Ayurveda to those who are open to the ancient “Knowledge of Life.”

Dr. George introduced me to an Ayurvedic practitioner in Kerala by the name of Dr. V.A. Venugopal. Dr. Venugopal shared Dr. George’s vision of spreading Ayurveda around the world. His passion met my desire to create an antidote to the physical stressors of modern life.

For the next 3 years we worked together, testing various recipes and products and adapting them for the modern western condition. After years of collaboration and hard work, HANAH ONE was born.

HANAH ONE is an extremely powerful herbal tonic that detoxifies the system and brings the body into its optimal state. As you read through the list of ingredients, you’ll find healing and energizing herbs, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. This synergistic blend is created specifically for modern life and the toll it takes on our bodies.

I have been using HANAH ONE for nine months now, and it is affecting me on a very deep level. My mid-day nap is no longer even possible. My sex drive is that of my early 20’s. My skin feels softer, and my hair has gotten stronger. The best way to describe the effect of HANAH ONE would be “Life Force.” I have more energy, my body recovers very quickly and I sleep perfectly. In short, I have more life.

These are only the external effects that this 4000-year-old food supplement has on the body. When reading in depth and researching the ingredients, we see that the product has a serious effect on life functions, all the way down to a cellular level. It’s anti-inflammatory, suppresses cancer cells and tumor growth, strengthens the immune system and all the organs, and is a powerful antioxidant and anti-aging product.

I believe that HANAH ONE is the antidote to the effects of modern life. I feel that I’ve found a sustainable solution for the body’s needs, and I’m stoked to share it with you.



My name is Joel and I’m the founder and CEO of HANAH, maker of ONE
My name is Joel, and I’m the founder and CEO
of HANAH, maker of HANAH ONE. 


Statements throughout this publication have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease process.

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