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Article: Fats + exercise: why we’re mixing ghee and herbs to maximize human potential

Fats + exercise: why we’re mixing ghee and herbs to maximize human potential

Fats & Exercise: Why We’re Mixing Ghee and Herbs to Maximize Human Potential

One way to figure out what the body needs in extreme conditions is to ask professional climbers or endurance athletes what they eat when they are hanging off an alpine wall for 15 days.

After all, the body knows exactly what it needs when pushed to the edge.

I’ve asked a lot of athletes this question, and the most common answers include water, dried fruit, and nuts. When I asked a world renowned climber a few days ago, he told me "olive oil and beef jerky." Dried fruit, nuts, oils, and meat. That’s carbs AND fats, not just sugar, all delivered in the form of real food that the body can digest.

Of course the body needs carbs, just as it needs fats. Sugar is a quick fix, whereas fats create a sustainable option that will keep your brain functioning and give you energy for much longer. Fats are also crucial for the efficient uptake of fat soluble nutrients.

Ghee is ridiculously healthy and perfect for superhuman athletes and the rest of us alike. 

So how can we take this up a notch?

Carrying a tube of olive oil on a run or bike ride is theoretically possible, but not exactly practical. How about ghee, for instance? Superfood. Ghee is ridiculously healthy, and perfect for superhuman athletes and the rest of us alike. Not only is ghee a healthy source of essential fats, but it also works as a transport device and boosts the health benefits of all the foods cooked with it. Ghee, especially Ayurvedic ghee, is loaded with omega 3 and omega 9 essential fatty acids, a great source of Vitamins A, D, E, K, and is also ideal for fighting free radicals. Ghee is loaded with the healthy fats of butter, but doesn’t have lactose, whey or casein. Ghee is also used to activate the digestive system and speed up the breakdown of foods in the stomach.  

In our travels through India, we found that Indians use ghee on a daily basis, and lots of it. Traditional Ayurvedic medicine mixes ghee with herbs to maximize potency and transportation.  

HANAH ONE uses ghee as one of 34 ingredients to create an amazingly healthy mix of herbs, fats, and carbohydrates. We’ve been testing it with athletes for the past two years and the results have been fantastic. It’s great to see modern science and athletes proving what one traditional culture has been doing for 5,000 years: mixing ghee with herbs to maximize human potential.    




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