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Daily rituals with renowned musician Doyle Bramhall II

Daily rituals with renowned musician Doyle Bramhall II

The guitarist and songwriter takes us through his day—which could include everything from energetic healing work to shredding with Eric Clapton

By Doyle Bramhall II

I live in a house of healers. We’re all of likemindedness, and we’re all focused on giving back to the community and our music. Steve Jobs started in his garage, we started in our home. My life is like the greatest spiritual circus lately. It’s so fun. I’ve always lived in a bohemian way, but now, because of the personal work I’ve been doing—stripping away all these old societal, personal, or familial belief systems—I feel like there are no limitations. The universe has so many gifts. The more you open up to be this clear channel or magnet for abundance, you really don’t have to do anything other than just exist. All I have to do is wake up and the next piece of the puzzle comes to me.

The first thing I do in the morning is put on binaural headphones and listen to these binaural beats, frequencies, and vibrations from a company I’m partnering with called Nucalm. I do it 50-70 minutes along with this Tesla type sticker that goes on my wrist. Nucalm neutralizes all the cortisol levels in your body, and returns you to a parasympathetic state. In 50 minutes you can basically get the equivalent of 4 hours of sleep that’s more regenerative and deeper than the sleep you normally get at night. So you have so much energy throughout the day.

Next, I’ll usually make a matcha oat latte and go outside, and and look into the sun for a while. I do a lot of sun gazing to activate my DNA—and then I’ll start going into these manifesting and gratitude lists, and I read a lot. My mornings and pretty much all day could be called working, but it’s more architecting and designing and manifesting. If you ask for it, if you put a thought out into the universe, I believe you become a magnet. I studied with a coach named Gay Hendricks who has become a friend of mine, and he talks a lot about getting into a state where you’re only doing what you really love to do. He calls it your Zone of Genius. During the downtime of quarantine that’s been helpful to think about. I’ve had a lot of time to go into my inner cosmos and cherrypick everything I want to make a reality. Currently, I’m traveling around the Southwest meeting with people about opening healing centers, and working on a new record label where I can release my music.

Music is always a big part of the day. Sometimes some friends will come down from Ojai, and they’ll make music in the mornings and meditate. Mark is the guy playing didgeridoo. Then I’ll jump in and start doing tuning forks and meditating. It reminds me a little bit of what life was like in India, when I lived there. The word that always comes up for me is ineffable. I have so much gratitude that sometimes I stream tears in the morning. I’ve been so tapped in lately that I’ll know what people are going to say before it comes out of their mouth. Or I’ll think of someone, and then a few minutes later I’ll get a text even if I haven’t heard from them in six months. It’s pretty awesome. I’ve been using some Native American ritual and prayer to ground myself into the earth, so I don’t fly off!

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