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What makes our Cordyceps special?
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What makes our Cordyceps special?

Wild Cordyceps sinensis is a very special medicinal fungus that grows off the mummified remains of the ghost moth caterpillar at altitudes above 11,500 feet. It is one of the premier (and most expensive) tonic herbs in the world and has been used for thousands of years in Eastern medicine to improve mental and physical performance, longevity, vitality and immunity.
The high-peak Himalayas of Bhutan is the source of superb high-altitude Cordyceps sinensis. Bhutan’s harvest season lasts one month and is strictly enforced to protect the collectors, the environment and the sustainability of the Cordyceps. Because of the rarity and high cost of Cordyceps sinensis, most supplement manufacturers artificially cultivate this fungus using grain or alternative techniques, which means it is not as effective as genuine naturally-grown sinensis.
We are excited to partner with the Kingdom of Bhutan to share genuine wild Cordyceps sinensis in our HANAH Cordyceps+. As with each HANAH product, the botanicals in Cordyceps+ are harvested by hand over several weeks to maximize potency and Cordyceps+ is free of all major allergens including gluten, lactose and soy. It is also non-gmo and contains nothing artificial.
Due to the very limited supply of this product, we are only able to harvest and offer this product in small artisanal batches each month.



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