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Is Cordyceps+ vegan friendly?
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Is Cordyceps+ vegan friendly?

In the wild, Cordyceps acts as a parasitic fungus on a host (the caterpillar), which means that the C. sinensis spores infect the host, mummify it, then the fungus will sprout from the host's head, grow to maturity, and release its spores, thus starting the cycle againThis is a natural process, just as nature intended. Over 99% of companies do not have access to true, wild Cordyceps sinensis and use grain to synthetically grow the mycelium in place of the natural method. Unfortunately, this method often results in a far less potent version, and can also contain a high amount of starch in the final product since the grain cannot be separated from the mycelium. The Cordyceps sinensis used in HANAH Cordyceps+ is wild-harvested directly from its natural source (the caterpillar) in the high-peak Himalayas of Bhutan, technically making it a non-vegan product.



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