Great Stuff!
"Quality products that make a noticeable improvement in my well-being."
jodi c.
"It's only been a few days, and it's hard to attribute changes to any one particular item, but I've noticed a distinct upswing in stamina, energy and mental clarity since starting Shilajit+. Seems to be working well!"
Bill Truax
Thanks for the feedback Bill! It's a pretty special multi-mineral! – Team HANAH - HANAH
HANAH ONE is the best cant go a day without it ..
"To be honest I noticed couple of changes since using HANAH One like: my sleeping pattern is getting better, better preformance when I’m working out, my digestive system improved, my body is responding more to the food I eat and workout I do.. I can see the changes already.. Hanah one is great product I love it "
Rana A.
Rana A. verified customer review of Jar
Great Product
"It really does help with stress and reducing anxiety. I have felt a difference so far."
Allison L.
That's so great to hear Allison! We hope you continue to feel lower stress and less anxious! - HANAH
Hanah One
"I work in Tech and in my free time I like to rock climb, mountaineer, practice yoga, among other activities, and I have found that the addition of Hanah One to my morning has been greatly positive. I feel like my ability to focus is tuned and my clarity of mind is more acute. It can be hard to directly attribute particular results strictly to Hanah One but there is no doubt that its been a large part of some constructive mental and physical changes in my life since I started taking it. While there is a considerable cost associated with daily intake my health is one of the most important things to me so spending what I would spend on a night out for dinner and drinks really isn't much if it promotes daily quality of life. I usually take just under a tablespoon every morning and that makes the jars last over a month and I believe the benefits are still quite evident. My favorite way to eat it is by taking it straight out of the jar with a spoon and then washing it down with some water. The flavor is pretty strong so I don't enjoy mixing it into any coffee or tea. Its great on its own! I hope to keep Hanah as a part of my daily routine for as long as possible. "
Christopher C.
Wow Christopher! Thanks for sharing your story. We always recommend people try different dosages to see what works best for them and we're glad you found your sweet spot! -- Team HANAH - HANAH
Delish Nutrish
"Love adding Hanah to my coffee every morn knowing it’s nutritious value. I embrace the rich taste so much that plain coffee tastes boring."
Sarah P.
"I have been taking Hanah One for about three weeks and within the first week I noticed a huge difference in my mental stamina and overall focus. The Hannah One Go-Pack are great for snowboarding treks and fishing trips."
Adam B.
I'm loving HANAH ONE!
"Excellent product and the company's customer service has been excellent. I've developed an enjoyable habit of eating two tablespoons as I sit down each morning in quiet to drink coffee."
Ken M.
Love it
"I could feel the difference with Hanah one and I love the product.. I live all over the world helping plant missionaries so it's hard to get the product wherever I am and I mean you can order large shipments but missionary's are not made of money"
Aaron K.
Service has been good - thank you!
"Love that we can support one of our favorite cultures in the world - Bhutan!"
John D.
Invigorate the Soul
"This is a Fantadtic daily supplement! Honestly feel amazing every time I consume the Hanah One"
Kevin W.
Kevin! We love to hear that! Thank you so much for the feedback. Please be in touch with anything we can do for you Byron | HANAH - HANAH
Did not see a big difference after taking for a month
"I do feel some more energy and clarity first thing in the morning when I take it, but not significantly. Overall for the price I do not know if I will repurchase. I think it is a great supplement for an already healthy diet. I just can't justify spending so much for not alot of effect. The taste was also hard for me to tolerate."
Elaine I.
Elaine, Thank you for the feedback. I wanted to ask if you were taking two tablespoons a day for the first couple of weeks? This is why we offer the buy one get one 50% off for first time purchasers! Let me know if you were able to take advantage of that deal. If not, we're happy to still honor it for your next purchase. Please be in touch, Byron | HANAH - HANAH
Benefits of Hanah Turmeric
"I’ve tried multiple Hanah products and most recently, I have been using Hanah Turmeric (for about 2 months now), I have found the long term benefits of tbe Turmeric to be highly noticeable and my overall health has been excellent. I’m convinced it has totally aided in clearing up my seasonal allergies, and helps me maintain an overall healthy imune system - thanks Hanah and the womens collective growers who harvest this beautiful powder - its top notch! "
Nick L.
Thanks for your review Nick! Please let us know if we can do anything for you in the future! -- Byron @ HANAH - HANAH
Best Ghee Ever
"Taste and quality is next level. Can’t live without it. "
Raegan G.
Feel great!!!
"Love the items! Taste is a little off but I shoot it down in coffee. Works really well and i feel more energetic with less fatigue. I al hooked!!"
Elyce F.
For my son
"I got this for my son who is on the Ski Patrol in CO and does a lot of climbing. He is very happy with his energy level and all over health since starting the Hanah product. Thank you!"
Elaine G.
Good Product!
"Good overall product with many helpful nutrients and added herbs/spices etc."
Paul H.
Best Turmeric Supplement
"By far the best turmeric supplement I've used."
Jasmine M.
Best Ghee I’ve Ever Tasted!
"I primarily use ghee for cooking. I’m very picky about my ghee. I try to stick with ghee that comes from humanely raised grass fed cows, and made using traditional methods. When my usual brand was out of stock I did a Google search and stumbled across HANAH brand. It is very expensive, but I decided to splurge to see if it’s worth the price. Oh my GOSH! This is the best tasting ghee! And the aroma it makes as you cook with it is divine! A wonderful, buttery scent! I try to use it sparingly to make it stretch, but it will be so hard to switch back to my regular brand after using this stuff. I wish it came in a larger size, and I wish it were a little cheaper. I like how it comes in a brown, glass jar as opposed to plastic. "
Christa K.
Great Stuff
"I researched for a long time before finally purchasing Hanah One and Ashwagandha+. To my surprise; I felt the effects right away and after three weeks of everyday use, I'm even happier with the way this stuff makes me feel. I have massive amounts of energy all day and an overall sense of wellbeing that I can only attribute to Hanah and Ashwagandha. "
Brett M.
"I definitely love the Hanah products. It’s been fun mixing it with my coffee, teas and fruit shakes. It’s the only supplement I take and my health and energy levels are the best they’ve been. Thank you for your work of looking for high quality herbs and putting them in a health promoting formula. Blessings "
Gabriel P.
"I don’t really FEEL a difference after taking Hanah turmeric. Is that a normal experience?"
Ryan M.
love it!
"I have been constantly disappointed in the past by herbal/supplement/adaptogen blends... but that one may actually work ;-)"
Sebastien Z.
Many thanks
"I enjoy incorporating a spoonful of Hanah each morning with a little drizzle of honey on top. I feel off my game when I skip my morning Hanah. Thanks for your product!"
Lynn K.
Two thumbs up.
"Great product with real results!"
Riley C.
Hannah One
"I have enjoyed product and looking forward to the end of the second month to see measurable results. Currently, my appetite has been reduced with an increase in energy. "
Julian M.
Energy and Focus
"I was originally enticed by the fact that Jimmy Chin and Travis Rice are advocates. I can honestly say that I was skeptical at first. After tons of research, I figured I’d give it a shot. I’ve been taking Hanah One for a little over a month now. I do feel like I rely less on caffeine than I ever used to and am able to maintain focus and memory recall more now. The taste does take some getting used to though, but overall is pretty good."
Matthew F.
Hey guys.. where's my October
"Hey guys.. where's my October shipment? Thank you"
Russell A.
30 capsules?
"Great. Great product, no complaints minus one - I have bought maybe 3 or 4 jars of Cordyceps+ thus far; I take 2 capsules daily, however, for each jar I’ve consumed I’ve always had one day where I had 1 capsule left. This has happened with every jar. Basic arithmetic dictates that if there are 30 capsules in a jar and I take 2 per day I should exhaust a jar completely (without the odd capsule left over) after 15 days. I haven’t counted yet to see if I am being shortchanged a capsule or receive an extra capsule but I intend to this time. With how expensive this stuff is if I am receiving one fewer capsule than I should then I will be pretty unhappy. If I’m receiving an extra - I appreciate it! Otherwise keep up the good work! 5-star review minus one for the odd lots I’ve received thus far."
Walter A.
"This stuff is great, I really feel better overall when taking it daily. At work, the extra afternoon energy is really noticeable. "
Oliver S.


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