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HANAH Turmeric

HANAH Turmeric+

HANAH Turmeric+ is the only powdered turmeric root and black pepper blend on the market grown in the pristine mineral-rich soils of Bhutan. Hand harvested following ancient Bhutanese medicinal practices, our turmeric root is cultivated at its peak potency and then blended with black pepper to ensure optimal bioavailability and efficacy.

The active ingredient of this ancient root is curcumin, one of the most extensively researched plant compounds. Curcumin has been shown to improve digestion, alleviate inflammation throughout the entire body, increase joint mobility, support heart health and improve your overall mood and sense of wellbeing. Multiple studies have found that turmeric increases serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain and contains specific proteins that have been proven to promote new neuron and synapses formation. This makes turmeric a key supplement to support learning, memory and clear thinking.

Piperine, an active compound found in black pepper, improves the bioavailability of curcumin, meaning that it’s more easily absorbed and used by your body. In fact, research supports that combining piperine with curcumin enhances curcumin absorption by up to 2,000%.

Our turmeric is hand harvested by a Bhutanese women’s collective of growers following ancient traditional methods that ensure sustainability and purity. Your purchase of this product supports these remote growing communities and the rich biodiversity of Bhutan.

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Explore the ingredients in Turmeric+

Reduces whole-body inflammation
Enhances liver function
Pain reliever
Boosts mood
Black Pepper
Supports nutrient absorption
Improves metabolism
Builds immunity
Increases learning and memory capacities

What people are saying about HANAH Turmeric+

Kit DesLauriers

“I love the turmeric. It’s often hard to figure out what to credit with which outcome or even sometimes if we feel a difference. But what I do have to say is that lately I’ve been feeling stronger than ever and that I’m also finding my muscles are more pliable and supple than they have been in a long time. This I can feel but also hear amazement from my Pilates instructor, with whom I’ve been working at least once per week for past 2 years. I feel like I can say that the turmeric is helping me decrease inflammation and increase mobility, including helping to keep my muscles more supple even I’m increasing my strength.”
– HANAH Hero Kit DesLauriers

Travis Rice

“I spent two weeks with the HANAH team in Bhutan to learn more about Bhutanese traditional medical practices, where the herbs come from, and the integrity behind the harvesting and manufacturing processes. I think turmeric is one of the most beneficial supplements there is. I have taken it for years, but thanks to HANAH, am finally confident in the sourcing, purity and potency. Trips like this show how important a transparent, conscious and sustainable supply chain is, and I am grateful there are companies like HANAH doing the work.”
– HANAH Hero Travis Rice

Michelle Parker

“If there is one supplement that I never leave home without, it would likely be turmeric. It's nature's natural anti-inflammatory and it does the trick. I typically take it post work out and I definitely notice that my body feels better as a result. I can definitely feel a difference when I take HANAH’s Turmeric+.”
– HANAH Hero Michelle Parker


HANAH Turmeric+


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