The ONE Thing

What is the ONE thing these extraordinary people have in common?

They all take HANAH ONE every day

While the reasons may vary, the benefits are the same. Whether that be an increase in energy levels, improved physical endurance, a highly functioning immune system or simply attaining a higher level of mental clarity and alertness throughout the day, it’s all attainable through the daily intake of HANAH ONE. If you’ve not experienced the benefits of HANAH ONE, don’t take our word for it, find out what our customers are saying below.

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What our customers are saying

Physical performance & endurance

Huge increase in training

“I’m in the process of training for the 2024 Olympic marathon time trails. I have seen a huge increase in training since using this product, as well as my energy and immune system. Hands down the best product I have found.” – Sara M.

Mental Clarity

Great brain support and clarity

“HANAH ONE has provided me with great brain support and clarity. It provides me with great, clean energy. Outstanding product and great people all around.” – Stephen M.

Sustainable energy throughout the day

Sustained energy without jitters

“When mixed with my bulletproof coffee it gives it a nice earthy taste. On an empty stomach this gives me sustained energy without jitters and a sharp alertness for hours. I feel on my game, in a state of flow, but not anxious or uncomfortable like one might feel from stimulants. I notice this with or without adding grass fed butter and MCT oil. Really great product and I’ve now got it on autosubscribe with HANAH ONE, Shilajit+, and Cordyceps.” – Stephen N.

Improved digestion

My body is responding more to the food I eat

“To be honest, I noticed a couple of changes since using HANAH ONE. My sleeping pattern is getting better, better performance when I’m working out, my digestive system improved, my body is responding more to the food I eat and workouts I do. HANAH ONE is a great product… I love it.” – Rana A.

What’s your ONE thing?

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HANAH Shilajit+


Increase natural and sustainable energy for optimal performance and long-term health with this blend of 30 wild-harvested botanicals.

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