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Meet Narayani, a dwarf Vechur Cow that we own and care for in India


The Vechur are on the brink of extinction, which is bad - as they have been a staple of normal day to day life in Kerala for thousands of years. They produce small amounts of milk, which has a beta casein A2 profile, meaning the fat molecules are much smaller than the standard beta casein A1, making it more easily assimilated. This milk can be turned into Ghee, which is used as a transport vehicle and brain tonic in HANAH ONE.

By supporting the Vechur movement, we are attempting to ensure that there is a market for the ghee, which may help local families see the value in keeping the breed alive. (As they produce small amounts of milk, the larger continental cow breeds are being favored). These animals are not adapted to the climatic conditions. The Vechur are superbly adapted to their environment. One cow, one household, as it was for many years. That is the achievable goal.

To further our efforts we are helping to create a "Genetics Bank" that we will make available to farmers as we meet them, in order to help promote genetic diversity within the breed. Ultimately we see the possibility of forming a cooperative of sorts where households may sell excess milk production, thus generating additional income, further enhancing the value of these beautiful animals to the local populace. HANAH is committed to assisting Dr. Sosamma of the Kerala University Veterinary Departmentand the entire Vechur breed to ensure that these magical cows remain with us.

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