How to crush a midday crash

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That afternoon slump and debilitating mental fog most of us experience around 2:30 p.m. is very real. It interrupts an otherwise productive day with the need to either get a cup of coffee or find the nearest couch to take a nap. Today, there are thousands of supplements, drugs, and ‘stacks’ to address this issue—but many have unwanted side effects or are only temporary fixes.

Our goal at HANAH is to support the modern lifestyle for the long-term with quality herbs, real foods, and time-tested formulas and techniques that work in harmony with each other to support your health and wellness goals.

How we do it – ancient wisdom for modern living

Our flagship product HANAH ONE is created to support and enhance the body’s natural functions through 30 herbs that work together in a base of honey, ghee and sesame oil for optimal absorption. This ancient time-tested formula is a supplement intended for daily, consistent use to deliver noticeable results—including increased focus and alleviating that afternoon crash—without any jitters or letdown. Here’s what’s inside.

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For more on why customers love and benefit from our flagship product HANAH ONE, watch this video with our founder Joel Einhorn and our Ayurvedic doctor in India, Dr. VA Venogupal.


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