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Cordyceps Sinensis


HANAH Cordyceps

HANAH Cordyceps+

HANAH Cordyceps+ is a powerful combination of the rare Himalayan medicinal mushroom Cordyceps sinensis with eight other herbs and minerals all wild harvested from the untouched Bhutanese Himalayas. By working closely with the kingdom of Bhutan, HANAH is the only company to gain special access to these ancient formulas and bring this unique blend to the West for the very first time.

Cordyceps sinensis

Wild Cordyceps sinensis is a very special medicinal fungus that grows off the mummified remains of the ghost moth caterpillar at altitudes above 14,000 feet. It is one of the years in Eastern medicine to improve mental and physical performance, longevity, vitality and immunity.

Cordyceps sinensis is known as the ‘athlete’s ally’ for its ability to enhance athletic performance using one of its superstar ingredients adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a nucleic acid and high-energy molecule which is used in every single movement that the body makes. It also contains over 50 different types of enzymes, including coenzyme Q10, all which play a vital role in enabling the body to absorb nutrients.

The Himalayas of Bhutan are the source of superb high-altitude Cordyceps sinensis. Bhutan’s harvest season is limited to one month to protect the environment and the sustainability of the Cordyceps. Because of the rarity and high cost of Cordyceps sinensis, most supplement manufacturers artificially cultivate this fungus in a lab using grain or alternative techniques, which means it is not as effective as genuine naturally-grown sinensis.

We are excited to partner with the Kingdom of Bhutan to share genuine wild Cordyceps sinensis in our HANAH Cordyceps+. As with each HANAH product, the botanicals in Cordyceps+ are harvested by hand to maximize potency and Cordyceps+ is free of all major allergens including gluten, lactose and soy. It is also non-GMO and contains nothing artificial.

Cordyceps+ is a combination of cordyceps sinensis and eight powerful herbs that work together synergistically to increase the potency of the formula. The sum is truly better than its parts. Learn more about each of the ingredients in Cordyceps+ in the ingredient grid.


What people are saying about HANAH Cordyceps+

Jimmy Chin

“HANAH Cordyceps+ is one of of the few supplements I take every day to boost my stamina, energy and mental focus. I love that it’s a natural product and that I can actually feel the benefits.”

HANAH Hero Jimmy Chin

“So far I have been taking two capsules in the morning every day. I feel like I’ve had a big cup of coffee but without the heart palpitations. It doesn’t give me a big “spike” of energy at once but seems to be a time release thing. It works especially well for work days (I work twelve hour shifts) and helps me to focus.”

Andrea H.


Explore the ingredients in Cordyceps+


Cordyceps sinensis
Boosts mental and
physical performance
Increases vitality
Supercharges immunity
Boosts brain function
and motivation
Supports healthy circulation
Aids physical performance
and recovery
Full of antioxidants and minerals
Reduces stress and anxiety
Increases muscle mass
and strength
Improves brain and
memory function
Sea buckthorn
Boosts the immune system
Reduces fatigue
Balances blood sugar
Solomon’s seal
Reduces inflammation
Increases mental clarity
and concentration
Clears congestion
Soothes digestive tract
Balances hormones
Natural antioxidant
Promotes strength
Acts as a potent antimicrobial agent
Relieves pain caused
by inflammation
Supports liver and kidney function
Supports digestion
Reduces pain and inflammation
Supports respiratory health
Increases cognitive function
Potent antibacterial agent


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