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Otto Flores' HANAH & Guayakí mate latte
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Otto Flores' HANAH & Guayakí mate latte

Adaptogenic yerba mate to jump start your day like a HANAH Hero

The power of a solid ritual can go a long way, especially when juggling a lot at home or traveling. HANAH Hero, professional surfer and environmental advocate Otto Flores knows that taking the time to ground down and fuel up with healthy nutrients & yerba mate in the morning is sure to set him on a good path for the rest of the day. Whether chasing swells, hanging with the fam, implementing clean water systems in disaster-stricken communities, or teaching water safety courses, Otto goes beyond as an inspiring community member. 



  1. Bring some water to a simmer. Do not boil. Boiling water burns all the nutrients and it makes bitter yerba mate.
  2. Add water along with the Guayakí Yerba Mate, HANAH ONE, ginger and turmeric into a french press. Stir and let the mixture steep for one minute.
  3. Press the tea mixture and pour into your favorite mug.
  4. Froth a milk of your choice and mix with the mate mixture and HANAH Ashwagandha+. Optional: I like it with just the sweetness of HANAH ONE, but you can choose to sweeten with a bit of honey.

Check out our Rituals series featuring Otto Flores and produced in partnership with Guayakí. Rituals is an exclusive HANAH video series that explores the daily routines of some of the world’s most inspiring athletes, adventurers and entrepreneurs. In an effort to encourage, motivate and share ideas, they have graciously given us a peek into their own rituals.


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