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Life on the road: How HANAH Hero Jimmy Chin stays at the top of his game

Life on the road: How HANAH Hero Jimmy Chin stays at the top of his game

My top seven travel tips

Photos and text by Jimmy Chin

Travel takes a toll on my body and mind no matter the destination or beauty of my surroundings. For that reason, I maintain a few practical habits that keep me energized, focused and healthy no matter where my adventures (or travels) take me.

Jimmy Chin Photography from Greenland in May 2018

I recently returned from Greenland so thought what better time to share the top five things I do to stay healthy, sane and fit at home, on the road or on expeditions.

  1. Jet lag: If I’ve traveled across multiple time zones, I get a cardio and weight or core workout as soon as possible. That can be just after checking into the hotel, reaching base camp or early the next morning. Nothing beats jetlag like exercise and a good sweat.
  2. Body weight exercises + movement: Whether I’m stuck in the airport, in a hotel room or in a tent awaiting a storm to pass on an expedition, I can always do push ups, core exercises and yoga / stretching / rolling (some airports even have dedicated meditation and yoga spaces). You’d be amazed at how a quick 30-minute session a day while on the road can help keep you flexible and your core strong. My other two go-to options are running and finding a climbing gym in whatever city I’m in. I generally travel light but I always bring my running shoes, my climbing shoes, a thin yoga mat and a Mobility Wod Gemini and Supernova (for rolling).
  3. Nutrition: While I can get by on a very simple diet on the road, there are a few staples I always bring along, including my HANAH ONE Go-Packs. HANAH ONE is an all-natural Ayurvedic food sup­ple­ment packed with 30 herbs I’ve been taking regularly for the last two years. I find that it strengthens my immune system, helps me focus and gives me sustainable energy throughout the day. I also do my best to eat whole foods and carry healthy snacks like dried fruit, nuts or trail mix, especially when flying.
  4. Water: I always carry my Yeti Rambler. Besides not wanting to drink from or waste plastic cups on airplanes, I find four ounces of water is not nearly enough to stay hydrated. I usually keep around 32 ounces with me on flights and in transit. Simply staying hydrated goes a long ways to staying healthy on the road.
  5. Reading / Podcasts: I like to keep my mind sharp. I love reading, learning and staying up to date on current affairs. I am a total New York Times and New Yorker junkie. I read those on my phone but I also always make sure to have a good book with me (yes, old school paperbacks). Right now I’m reading Elon Musk’s biography by Ashlee Vance. I also tend to listen to a lot of podcasts, Tim Ferriss is a friend and hosts one of my favorite podcasts.
  6. Specificity: I generally train for my next objective well before going on the road. Altering my workout to meet my next challenge. Besides, mixing up your workouts and challenging your body, and mind for that matter, in new ways is always great. If I am heading out on a climbing trip or a ski expedition, I’ll ramp up overall strength and endurance training, but will also set aside time to spend a few weeks to a month in Yosemite if it’s a climbing trip or the same in the Tetons before a big ski trip.
  7. Never get out of shape: It’s not about getting into shape, it’s about never letting yourself get out of shape. I can’t emphasize this enough. Do something… run, yoga, climb, cycle, stretch, weights, etc. every day! 

That’s it. I try to maintain these simple habits that keep me fit, focused and prepared for whatever comes my way (or gets thrown my way…).

For more articles written by Jimmy, check out his simplified approach to long-term fitness.

Jimmy Chin Photography from Greenland in May 2018

Jimmy Chin Greenland May 2018

Jimmy Chin Greenland May 2018

Jimmy Chin Greenland May 2018

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