Seasonality, terroir and HANAH ONE

Seasonality, terroir and HANAH ONE

Tasting notes for batches 10 and 11

Our flagship product HANAH ONE varies in texture and flavor from batch to batch. This is not unusual for artisanal products and will not in any way impact the purity or quality of the product. The reasons for the variations are that HANAH ONE, much like a fine wine, is a product of terroir so is subject to factors like climate, soil, seasons as well as harvesting timing and methods—all of which will have a subtle effect on the texture and taste of each batch.

The purity, quality and the efficacy of HANAH ONE remains the same regardless of the batch number, texture or flavor. We are maniacally focused on the purity and quality of our ingredients, and the formula, which has been unchanged for over 4,000 years, and is steeped heavily in traditional Ayurvedic knowledge and practices. We use no artificial preservatives, additives or fillers ever, so the viscosity of the product will vary and even evolve over time. It may naturally thicken, become grainier and some ingredients may begin to separate. If this happens, simply give it a good stir, similar to what you would do with a jar of natural peanut butter or honey.

While we have a consistent fill size, HANAH ONE will shrink and expand due to fluctuations in temperature. If you experience a slight difference in volume or thickness from one batch to the next, simply adjust the serving size to accommodate. Thinner consistency means slightly larger serving, thicker means slightly smaller.

Not so dissimilar to a fine wine, each batch of HANAH ONE tells its own story based on the season, the weather in the south of India and the soil type. Think of it as going to a farmer’s market and experiencing the beauty and variance of local, family farmed products—as opposed to cruising a supermarket full of mass produced, highly modified foods that are full of ingredients you can’t even pronounce.

Just to reiterate, HANAH ONE is a labor of love that may vary in texture but will never vary in quality or efficacy!

For more information on how the wild herbs, sesame oil, Vechur Ghee or honey  in HANAH ONE, read this blog post: Character and terroir: How HANAH ONE is like fine wine.

HANAH ONE tasting notes on slate board with spoon

We recently started shipping HANAH ONE Batch 11, and asked a 14-year veteran of the wine industry to share his tasting notes for our last two batches. Jonathan Sillcocks is a sommelier and wine steward who has experience in all aspects of the industry.

HANAH ONE Batch 11 Tasting Notes

Aromatics: Pronounced raisin and fig notes with baking spices with underlying earthy/savory notes.

Taste and texture: Dense, concentrated consistency with pronounced graininess, lots of floral notes accompanied by dark chocolate, spice and earth with an ever so small amount of sweetness to round it out.

HANAH ONE Batch 10 Tasting Notes

Aromatics: Expressive herbal notes layered on top of dark earthy and dried fruit tones with a touch of exotic spices.

Taste and texture: Creamy texture with a very fine graininess, vibrant plum fruit interwoven with notes of garam masala and a balanced, subtle sweetness.



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