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Put to the test: HANAH ONE + a professional mountain guide

Put to the test: HANAH ONE + a professional mountain guide

Put to the test

Jonathon Spitzer spent four years in the American Mountain Guide Association (AMGA) training program and is fully certified in all three disciplines—rock, climbing and ski. He is the second youngest to ever to do so. During the spring and summer months, he guides throughout the Cascades, Alaska Range, British Columbia, French Alps and in Red Rock, Nevada. In the winter, he is a helicopter ski guide and avalanche educator. He grew up hiking, climbing and skiing around Washington state. These days his hobby has become his profession, and he can be found splitting his time between Washington, Utah, Nevada, California and Europe.

We were fortunate enough to be put in touch with Jonathon at the end of 2016. We sent him some HANAH ONE and he was gracious enough to write about his experiences through the winter guiding season.

A day in the life

"My days typically start before the sunrise and ends well after sundown. I spend over 230 days caring for groups and working in rugged, mountainous environments. It is important for me to get quality nutrition in an efficient way to help power my active lifestyle. I started using HANAH ONE consistently this past winter. My trial coincided with my ninth season as helicopter ski guide at Ruby Mountain Helicopter Skiing. A typical day starts with a guide meeting at 5:30 a.m. and finally ‘punch out’ after dinner, around 8 p.m."

Sustained energy

"In years past, socializing with guests during dinner I started dragging, but this winter, I did not notice this issue and I feel like my energy was more constant throughout the day. Similarly, my snacking habits have decreased since using HANAH ONE. I used to be the type of person who would consistently snack throughout the day. If I felt a little fatigue settling in, I would pop in a high-carbohydrate snack and would feel more energized as a result. I have found that the food I am consuming is taking longer to metabolize and providing me with more energy throughout the day."


"My ability to focus has also improved. I have had a hard time with multi-tasking, which is a very necessary skill in my line of work. This winter, I have observed that my ability to manage several tasks at once has improved. I am not as stressed when faced with big decisions and am able to maintain a calm demeanor in these types of scenarios, which has only served me better in the backcountry."

Works for my active life

"HANAH ONE has been a key factor in helping me maintain and even has improved my ability to keep up my active lifestyle. From more consistent energy to an even-keeled appetite and an improved ability to focus, HANAH ONE has been a game-changer this winter. My hope is to continue this active lifestyle for a long time—and the addition of HANAH ONE will help me do so."

IFMGA Mountain Guide Jonathon Spitzer
Photo credit: Dylan Taylor 

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