Is HANAH ONE useful for sports and hiking? I’ve heard endurance athletes are experiencing increased cardiovascular function and energy.

In short, HANAH ONE is the perfect hiking and endurance supplement. HANAH ONE is a rasayana. Rasayana is a Sanskrit word with the literal meaning of ‘path of essence.’ A rasayana is a tonic of immortality created to bring balance and vitality to the body and mind and is said to be helpful in cell repair, rejuvenation, glandular and enzymatic activities, and maintaining body metabolism. Among the ingredients in HANAH ONE that Ayurveda considers especially important to aerobic activity are gooseberry (thought to improve blood health) and termanlia bellerica (said to be useful in rejuvenation, the reduction of breathing distress, and improvement of digestion). Ayurvedic doctors use HANAH ONE for people with reduced immunity, fatigue, lack of appetite, and constipation (due to limited food intake) - all common health problems during trekking, therefore HANAH ONE is an excellent supplement to take while hiking. Sesame oil and ghee provide necessary fat (a combination of vegetable and animal fat which is excellent for stamina). According to Ayurveda, ghee and sesame oil improve mental clarity and brain function while hiking. Wild honey, raw sugar cane, and fruit sugars provide a much-needed boost for trekking. HANAH ONE is highly digestible energy and vitality, perfect for anyone seeking optimal health.








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