Still Going Strong!
"I love Hanah One; it is my morning go-to everyday. The taste is phenomenal so a dose from the jar is the way I roll. My only negative comment would be the cost of consumption day in and day out. You get what you pay for though! Benefits for me include: improved immune system, lower A1C, increased mental acuity and a daily calm demeanor. Just an FYI, been daily dosing Hanah One since April 2017 and just loving life. "
Frederick H.
Highly recommended
"Over the past two years I feel that your products have been a very positive addition to my daily vitality. "
Scott M.
Grateful for this product
"Between the physical and mental exhaustion from my job and recovering from years of depression, I can't say how grateful I am to have this amazing product in my life. It's been life changing. It gives me just that little extra clarity and stamina at the end of the day where I usually crash. I can feel my mind and body growing stronger, especially now that I have more energy from being able to feed myself and get the natural fuel I need. Thank you folks at Hanah for giving me such a wonderful tool to make myself better ever single day. "
Taylor H.
Sustainable energy
"I swim laps 3-4 days and week, operate a construction company and need all the clean energy I can get. This stuff is the best!!!! I'm 36 years old and I'm in the best shape of my life. "
Brandon W.
Fantastic Supplement!
"I've tried all of the Hanah products and they are wonderful! High quality and really help improve alertness, mental focus, and my energy levels are higher since I started using the Hanah One. "
Monica B.
Great Stuff
"Lots of good energy"
peter h.
Initial Experience
"I have been using Hanah consistently for over three weeks. I am pleased with the results and plan to continue using this product. I travel every week and had to incorporate the individual go packs when I am on the road and the jar for home. Ten years ago, when I was in graduate school, I was prescribed Adderall and liken the locked on focus to the feeling I experience with Hanah but with out the jitter feeling. "
Stan H.
Its awesome, I feel fantastic, its really helped me with my stamina
"So good, I'm wicked broke though so I'm not able to get this or the classic HANAH one as much as I like. I tend to use one in the morning with coffee and one in the evening with some tea. SO GOOD! I feel great."
Samuel S.
Feeling great
"I have been making kale smoothies every morning with Hanah One, and have been feeling great. And I still drink coffee as well :-). The Hanah One seems to keep me going most of the day, and gives a boost to mental awareness. I have been pretty good Mon - Fri with Hanah One, while sometimes neglecting to have it on the weekends (which you can feel). Overall great product. "
Jason S.
Great for morning smoothies
"I use this in my morning smoothie every day. It definitely helps with sustaining my energy and appetite. "
Gregory S.
I Believe
"My overall health and fitness is really good so I’ll be honest, it’s tough to gage the benefit I get using Hanah One along with all the other good things I consume in a day… that said I use it regularly and really like it in my morning decaf as I can not handle a lot of caffeine. I find it really adds to the morning ritual along with Laird’s non-dairy coconut. creamer… a great taste!"
Gregg L.
More product...
"So, I've been drinking Hanah One each morning as a tea, and I love it! I'm a special education teacher/runner who also battles extreme anxiety and depression, and I believe it has really helped with mood regulation; however, one jar has only lasted two weeks at one tablespoon/day. I plan on continuing my regimen, I just wish it was more affordable."
Sarah C.
Wonderful Plant-based supplement
"Great tastes and starting to see health benefit"
Samuel K.
Feeling better
"Hanah One has been awesome. It is expensive but well worth the money. "
Tim F.
Natural nutrition
"Great. I enjoy it every morning in my green tea before my workout, bike ride, swim, ski etc."
Ned B.
A great way to start your day!
"A great way to start your day!"
Scott W.
"Amazing. I have been putting into my morning smoothies and it takes it to the next level good long lasting focus and energy in my classroom. Love having the go packs to squeeze straight before my afternoon mountain bike rides. The auto renew is great, can’t wait to get my next jar cause I’m almost out."
Spencer M.
Vechur Ghee
"Excellent! Love this ghee and can definitely notice the difference in my digestion, energy level and overall sense of well-being."
Beth H.
Taste could be improved
"I like the HANAH One, since I believe in the positive effects of this product. Unfortunately I didn't like the taste and texture not very much, which makes it hard to consume. As a result I stopped eating it after one month. "
Gordon V.
Great product!
"Fantastic flavor and ingredients"
Jason W.
Great Product
"Great product, noticeable difference in energy and focus throughout the day. "
Zach M.
Good but expensive
"Expensive for the size of the computer but good."
Alexander L.
Five Star
"We use the Hanah One every morning and do a smoothie at dinner with the Ashwaghanda. Fantastic stuff. Will continue to use."
Brad G.
Morning routine
"Luckily I work at a coffee shop, so every morning I start the day with a cup of coffee and some Hanah. Before using the product I even after a cup of coffee I would want another cup all day because I was still dragging. But after incorporating it with one cup I have energy all day I feel upbeat and I can be more efficient."
Mason H.
A product that actually lives up to its claims!
"Noticeable differences in mental alertness and physical energy that lasts all day. "
Robert L.
"Love this for the afternoons!!"
Blair B.
"Love this stuff"
Paul C.
Energy! Energy! Energy!
"Loved this! Used it in the afternoons for a pick me up!"
Blair B.
synapse love
"It has been great. I feel the effects of ashwaganda and it is all positive."
Noah S.
"I will use Hanah forever! It's been almost two years and I have nothing but wonderful to say about all the products from Hanah! So thankful for you guys! "
Tammy H.


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