Good stuff
"I wonder why it doesn’t come in a 1 month supply? You say you need it every day but only send 21 days worth a month? Hmmm...please explain"
Leslie Z.
Great product.
"This ghee is unlike any other. My boyfriend and I have purchased ghee for our cooking before, but the texture and flavor is very different. Hanah ghee is less paste like and has a more roasty flavor. It's a product we will continue to use and purchase :)"
Sara M.
Pretty good stuff!
"The taste has grown on me, I've noticed some benefits. Hoping to notice even more!"
Adam K.
Hanah is great!
"Hanah has quickly become a daily routine for me. I have noticed several benefits to taking Hanah everyday. Mental focus, energy, stomach health, and a boost in my immune system. Also, it tastes great! I won't go a day without it. I would love to be an outdoor ambassador for Hanah. . Let me know! "
Kelyn P.
"Love it. Working on a routine where I can use it more consistently. "
Andrew W.
Protein shakes, chocolate milk, coffee
"Really tasty! I typically add it to my protein shakes or chocolate milk post workout. Use it in my coffee from time to time as well. I love it - gives a good rich taste to my protein shakes. My recovery times are better, my little aches and pains are better too. Need more of this in my life."
Samuel S.
Great :)
"I love it! When without the product I notice a difference. Thank you Hanah :)"
Valarie L.
Fits my life style!
"Love using HANNA ONE. it sets the tone for neatly lifestyle living and balance. Ive been using for almost 2 months and feel the best ever"
Brian J.
Great products
"Quick and reliable. I’m more focused and have more energy "
Rose D.
"Not gonna lie... thought I would be buying into the Kool-Aid many other “health” supplements offer. Long story short - I’m addicted to the highly notable and claimed qualities of this product. There is nothing like opening the jar first thing in the morning to witness the sparkling elixir... "
Kiley D.
"Wonderful product "
Araceli M.
Happy yet surprised
"Enjoying the product and tastes great, was a bit surprised on the size compared to the price."
Ahmad H.
Noticeable differences after six weeks
"After six weeks of taking HANAH One daily, I experienced some noticeable changes, without altering anything else about my routine. My caffine cravings (I'm a 4 cup a day coffee drinker) seemed to cut in half, and almost vanish. Now I have a cup or two and that's it, with no withdrawal symptoms, and my energy levels are really even. My IBS symptoms stabilized as well, and PMS was barely noticeable compared to normal. I find I really look forward to my post-workout cup of HANAH One tea each morning."
Alicia M.
"This is the most amazing product and the benefits are just endless! I can't thank you enough for making it available! "
Tammy H.
Love this stuff!!
"I think I am on my fifth jar and still loving it! "
Elizabeth M.
Makes me feel great!
"Makes me find my center and feel good."
Jean M.
I really like it so
"I really like it so far. As a professional runner, it gives me more natural energy to keep going throughout the day. I've noticed I haven't needed as much coffee to get through workouts and I feel like I can recover quicker."
Andy P.
Love the product!
"Excellent, Feeling great!"
John F.
Love it!
"I really felt the affects right’s not as noticeable anymore but I think it’s because I’ve created a new normal Great stuff! I"
Mitchell S.
Good stuff
"taste is a little harsh on its own, but mix it with coffee and its great! I'm planning on using the Go-Packs while cycling this summer."
Andrew D.
"OUTSTANDING! Now that you folks have hooked me on Hanah One, I NEED my fix when I’m out of town. The nifty Go-Packs are so convenient to pack and there is no worry about messy leaking or glass breaking. Nor are any spoons required :-)"
Sherman S.
Double daily ritual
"Great. I can't imagine not hanging Hanah"
John H.
Older and golder
"I'm just content with things. I feel great. Thank you for your products. "
kurtis J.
Great Stuff
"Been doing a lot of hiking and mountain exploration and the past few weeks and this has been a perfect natural energy booster for those long strenuous days. Love the taste as well! "
John M.
Awesome product!
"Been adding this to my morning smoothie. The taste is great and One gives me a nice energy boost."
Bill G.
Still using and feeling great
"It fel a great nutritional balance using Hanna one. I use it three times daily which is kinda costly but I really only eat one meal a day so I can justify it! I would give 5 stars but the jar doesn’t seem to actally have 20 servings like Hanna claims "
Brian J.
Great stuff
"Love the product. I’m a surgeon and this stuff gives me calm energy all through the morning, improves my sleep, and eases mind. I also think it helps w my running endurance. I temporarily quite using Hannah for a few months and definitely could tell a difference. Very glad to add it back to my daily routine."
Andrew P.
"Love this product. I start everyday with a spoonful, helps me feel positive and alert. Can't imagine mornings without it."
Deborah B.
Awesome Product!
"I have really enjoyed using Hanah! I have improved energy throughout the day, and have downsized my morning coffee to just one cup in the morning. I used to need an afternoon pick me up, but haven't had the need with Hanah One I love putting Hanah in my smoothies or eating it straight out of the jar, I enjoy the taste. The Go-Packs are awesome to throw in my pocket or bag for traveling or while backcountry touring, climbing, and at work on the slopes."
Christina B.
Great Butter Substitute
"I use a teaspoon of ghee while cooking every night. It tastes good and I’ve noticed an improvement in my digestive tract. For years I struggled with digestive irregularity and now it’s back to normal, woot woot! I wish I would have found this product earlier! "
Lauren F.


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