"Love it! Helps me get going in the mornings."
Deborah B.
Give it to all our guests!
"We love the product so much we pass it along to all our guests! "
Frank S.
Frank S. verified customer review of Jar
The jar is Great!!!!
"I’ve tried other things before to help my with everyday busy work week or long adventure weekends the one thing I have always struggle with energy or mental fogness. I’ve been taking Hannah for 3 weeks now and I love it , I love the way it makes me feel first thing in the morning and feeling refresh when I wake up there so many health benefits that I can go into detail with this but for now I must say it gives a good natural energy back boost every single time "
Georgina G.
"Love it. tastes good. feels good inside. Getcha some."
Connor L.
"Been on Hanah One for a 6 weeks focus and clarity is sharp. I can't live with out now."
Paul V.
First purchase... now a part of my day
"After reading and researching I came to know Hanah products. Great customer service. "
Willie B.
Amazing Product!
"This product delivers - better energy, overall feeling of enhanced wellness ... I will definitely keep using this for as long as I can!"
Monica B.
Great Product!
"Just signed up to receive this on a regular basis, I don’t do this very often. Great product, very effective helping with my immune system."
Jean K.
Some Real Change
"Started using Hanah after looking around and feeling frustrated by all the ridiculous claims so many products offer. Started with the recommendation of 2 tablespoons for 2 weeks and then moved to 1 tablespoon daily. The flavor and texture are not what many are used to although after 2 days I found myself enjoying it just as it is. Benefits? I didn’t expect Hannah to take me by the hand into the land of greater health. I made some real changes to my diet, daily activity, and included Hanah as part of the plan. I am feeling great. Greater endurance, less tired, and sleeping better, losing weight, all while counting on Hanah as an overall system support. If you are looking for a companion on the road to better we’ll being Hanah is a great partner. Thank you guys for the work you are doing!"
William B.
Mental clarity and stamina all day!
"Right from the start I felt hyper focus and energy with the Hanah One. It’s great I put it in my tea, coffee, and smoothies. It makes a great addition to bulletproof coffee and keeps me going all day. I work a physically and mentally demanding job as a personal trainer and Surf during my free time. The HANAH One really helps me operate at a high level and stay there mentally. Love it! "
Carlos R.
Carlos R. verified customer review of Jar
"Hannah One is amazing! I have great energy, I am able to train harder, and don’t feel that 2 pm tiredness. I have tried lots of supplements but this product is a keeper for me. "
Lauren N.
"Makes me feel energized and helps prevent sickness. Love it."
Hanah Love!
"I am crazy about Hanah One! I am on auto ship and changed my order from 30 days to 21 day because I hate to run out! Every morning I wake up with a smile knowing that Hanah One is waiting for me!"
Leslie Z.
Fired Up!
"Love this product! Great experience thus far with the product and customer service. Ordering is a breeze. Managing subscription is a breeze. I’ve been using Hanah One daily for about a month now and have seen improvements in energy as well as my immune system. Super happy with Hanah One!"
Matteo J.
HANAH Ghee is so good!
"Hanah ghee is the best ghee I’ve had. It’s very pure and smooth - I have it in my coffee and in various meals on a daily basis. It’s great to have a subscription and know it will keep coming!"
Elizabeth M.
Perfect Pre- Practice, Pre- Workout
"Hanah One is perfect before my yoga practice, HIIT workout or run. It helps maintain my energy level throughout until I can eat afterwards. "
Robin L.
Super High Quality
"I have experimented with different brands of Ashwagandha and have never experienced such immediate effects as Hanah Ashwagandha. Very powerful!"
Makes me happy, healthy and fired up
"Clearly fired up"
Christopher K.
"Perfect just need to add shipping to Canada"
Chris H.
Hanah - Ashwaghanda
"I love this product. They have the Best Ashwaghanda I've ever had. I use it daily, and feel much better with it in my daily routine!"
Gordon W.
Love it!
"Great experience thus far with the product and customer service. Ordering is a breeze. Managing subscription is a breeze. I’ve been using Hanah One daily for about a month now and have seen improvements in energy as well as my immune system. Super happy with Hanah One! "
Lisa S.
Feeling great
"Have been taking hanah one for about a year now lost some weight and more energy "
Aaron R.
"Love it! Helps my day get started much better."
Deborah B.
Good stuff
"I wonder why it doesn’t come in a 1 month supply? You say you need it every day but only send 21 days worth a month? Hmmm...please explain"
Leslie Z.
Great product.
"This ghee is unlike any other. My boyfriend and I have purchased ghee for our cooking before, but the texture and flavor is very different. Hanah ghee is less paste like and has a more roasty flavor. It's a product we will continue to use and purchase :)"
Sara M.
Pretty good stuff!
"The taste has grown on me, I've noticed some benefits. Hoping to notice even more!"
Adam K.
Hanah is great!
"Hanah has quickly become a daily routine for me. I have noticed several benefits to taking Hanah everyday. Mental focus, energy, stomach health, and a boost in my immune system. Also, it tastes great! I won't go a day without it. I would love to be an outdoor ambassador for Hanah. . Let me know! "
Kelyn P.
"Love it. Working on a routine where I can use it more consistently. "
Andrew W.
Protein shakes, chocolate milk, coffee
"Really tasty! I typically add it to my protein shakes or chocolate milk post workout. Use it in my coffee from time to time as well. I love it - gives a good rich taste to my protein shakes. My recovery times are better, my little aches and pains are better too. Need more of this in my life."
Samuel S.
Great :)
"I love it! When without the product I notice a difference. Thank you Hanah :)"
Valarie L.


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