"The product is awesome but costs too much!"
Chris B.
"excellent product"
Sheila B.
So far so good
"Maybe a little too soon to tell, but I'm liking it so far. Not sure if my measuring device is inaccurate but it didn't seem like I got 22 tablespoons out of the jar. More like 16. "
Edmund A.
HANAH ONE || Game Changer
"My name is Spencer Lobik and I am a computer engineering consultant based out of Washington DC. I've never actually taken the time to write a review but I feel so passionate about what has transpired over the past 2 months that I absolutely have no choice but to back this product. I am an avid biker, climber and hiker but with my profession it's always a struggle staying healthy, maintaining a routine and balancing my work with my love for the outdoors. I would slam coffee in the mornings, take natural supplements to go to bed at night and essentially live on a "take something as needed" throughout the day basis. I found out about HANAH ONE through a post by one of my idols, Jimmy Chin. I decided to give it a go and my life has definitely changed - I take one tablespoon of HANAH ONE in the mornings right of the spoon and find ways to incorporate the Ashwagandha in a smoothie or evening tea. After a month, I take ZERO other vitamins, supplements, enhancers. I don't drink coffee and my body is on what feels like a simple and natural cycle. I am thoroughly impressed with the quality and care it took to make this product and I will continue to back it to anyone who asks. THANK YOU!! -Spencer"
Spencer L.
"I take a spoonful every day and it gives me just what I need a little energy, a bit of clarity and a little bit of peace."
Jason J.
Endless Energy
"My energy levels are steady throughout the day. I no longer need my afternoon cup of coffee. "
Laura A.
Great Product
"Wonderful will definitely keep purchasing "
John D.
taking for 2 Months Now
"I enjoy taking Hanah first thing in thing in the Morning. It has help me with my mental fogness and with my sleep simply amazing "
Georgina G.
Good stuff 😋
"I love it! I’m so glad I found it. Makes me feel so healthy!"
Anita J.
Made a world of difference
"Unbelievable product, everything this product promises it delivers. I am 44 years old and work in an office all day long. Hanah One has given me all day energy, better moods and better focus. I hope they never run out"
mark f.
OK so far
"I have been taking a tablespoon of Hanah One every day for some months; no adverse effects. I am a normally high energy type, so I can't say I have noted any change there."
R D.
So far, so good.
"I have been taking the hanah one for a few weeks so far and have just started the ashwagandha. Have noticed a bit more energy, especially in the afternoon, and I've only taken the ashwagandha twice. Looking forward to see what happens down the road and will probably order the ghee. These products are the real thing, you just need to give them time to do what they say they will do."
Paul F.
Too much sugar!
"Maybe it’s too early to tell, but I think that the energy boost I get has more to do with the high sugar content than it does with the herbs and superfoods. I certainly appreciate the supplement and that it probably takes time to accumulate benefits. (I should probably ask just how long it takes to experience benefits.) I’m willing to try it for a while, but it is pricey if the benefits are anything less than wondrous. Thanks."
Jennifer G.
Skpetic Reformed
"Seriously, this stuff works. Ill be honest it took a while to get used to the taste. Somewhere between bark and dirt. The taste didn't matter as I noticed a difference the first time I took it. I have more consistent energy, focus, better attitude and I sleep like my 4 year old. I'm am a Hanah user from here on out. "
Russ K.
Spring forward!!
"I opted for the auto-monthly shipment of HANAH and from the first delivery ive already noticed a change. The to-go packs makes it easy to stay on target everyday. "
Toni D.
Stop emailing me
"I thought I cancelled this. Please make sure this is cancelled - thank you"
Marianne G.
Auto renew issues
"Bad, didn't know I was ordering auto renew. Not sure how I missed that but it felt sneaky. Maybe user error, just make sure you're not trying to trap people into auto renew, with shaddy UX tactics. :) Other than that product seems good"
Jon C.
Not an elixir, but a boost to life
"I absolutely love Hanah One. I put it in my morning routine, and find it gives me sustained go-power throughout the day. I finally feel my body working for me rather than sluggish. "
Jeff P.
Great supplement
"Plenty of energy for a workout "
George H.
Changed My Life-- in more ways than one
"Being a healthcare professional, I was apprehensive about this product as well as the claims made by others. My brother told me about all the benefits he experienced from Hanah One so I decided to put the product to the test and OMG, I'm so glad I did. I want to shout from mountain tops how great I feel since starting Hanah One. The first few days were definitely the energy boost and elevated mood. Then after about a week I noticed my workouts are stronger and muscle recovery is quicker. I can't speak highly enough about this product. It's an absolute must try! "
Brittney S.
"Results were decent...price and taste not so much"
Steve T.
Waiting for my first Ashwaganda was paid but have not received yet
"Enjoying ONE but would love the ashwaganda Thank you Understood it was on it’s way Cheers "
teresa p.
Great :)
"I really enjoy Hanah. I have been using it approximately 2 years (or more). I can tell a huge difference. Thank you!!"
Valarie L.
Best stuff
"More energy, best supplement out there"
peter h.
Feels good!
"One tablespoon for Twenty days and I signed up to receive one jar every twenty days. I sleep and thrive optimally, daily! "
Debra S.
Hanah is Life
"I started taking this product a couple months ago on a daily basis as recommended and I do not think I will ever stop! The benefits far outweigh the cost. Being able to focus more at work, gives me that extra push at the gym or for those last few miles on a hike. Perfect formula for an active lifestyle. I will say that it is an acquired taste, at least it was for me. However, now I am putting it in smoothies, coffee, and eating it straight out the jar. Hoping to be at super hero status by summer 2018. Thanks HANAH ONE! "
Joshua P.
Love in a jar
"This combo is awesome! I’ve been putting it in breakfast smoothies everyday and I feel more focused and self aware ALL DAY! Have to admit the taste was kind of hard to get over at first but now I’m acquiring a taste for it. Love this product certainly worth the money. "
meghan m.
meghan m. verified customer review of HANAH ONE + Ashwagandha
"Excellent. Love starting my day with this product. Gives me clarity and alertness from the beginning."
Deborah B.
I am a beliver.
"I was skeptical about what my results would be by taking Hannah. I have been taking it everyday for 5 weeks and I love it. I feel sharper and I am recovering from my runs faster . I did not feel bad before I was taking it but now I feel healthier. I know my running is better and my mind is clearer. "
Gloria K.
"I really felt a boost of energy. I wouldn't say significant, but it definitely makes me feel good. I also love knowing I'm putting all these amazing ingredients in my body every morning that you normally wouldn't consum on a daily basis. My fave way to use Hanah is to blend it every morning in my MATCHA LATTE. It gives it this sweet cinnamon taste and is the perfect combo! I highly recommend!"
Stefanie S.


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