Great Benefits
"I’m close to a going on a year since a lower lumbar spinal fusion surgery where inflammation is still an issue. I’ve found Hanah One’s anti-inflammatory properties to help with some of the pain. Anything other than an NSAID is best. "
James M.
Great for Concentration and Mental Clarity
"I've been taking Hanah One and Hanah Cordyceps for about a month now and I am starting to see some really promising changes in my affect and concentration. I've been taking anti-depressants and mood stabilizers for almost my entire adult life. They have saved my life, but they have irksome side effects. They put me in a cloud or fog that is sometimes tough to see out of. I'm not as sharp, alert, or articulate when I'm on them. However, these past few weeks with Hanah One and Hanah Cordyceps, I have been feeling more alert and more alive than I have in years. I've now subscribed to both products so I can see if this progression/improvement continues. "
Kristen B.
Full Points For Cordyceps!
"My first jar of Cordyceps was fantastic. I didn't know what to expect, but once I started taking them... They helped my energy level."
Gordon W.
"i started taking this 2 weeks before my first climb of Mt Rainier. My training improved and my endurance surprised me on the climb. I plan to continue taking daily. "
Sean M.
Great Product
"This thing works!!! Increased focus, reduced anxiety and all around feeling great!!!"
Kris W.
"Love this product. Helps me get my day srarted with ease."
Deborah B.
Great Product!!
"I'm usually an overly anxious person but since taking my daily dose of hannah Ashwaganda ( one teaspoon each morning) I usually add it to my oatmeal~It has really helped out with my anxiety. I am able to just be myself without worrying too much of how I come across to people. I've noticed that I am a lot more outspoken and not afraid to act on the things that I really want to do. It gives me that push and also more energy as well. "
Takeya G.
"Positive vibrations"
Scott M.
Love it
"Adding ashwaganda and HANAH One to my daily smoothie is just the right fit for me... and very delicious!"
Emily E.
It's good
"feeling good feeling great how bout you?"
Bob P.
Climbers Ally
"Supplement yourself with this if you want to take it up a notch. Expect only quality from Hanah. Hats off."
Tommy M.
Stop sending me auto renew!!
"It’s great. STOP sending. Can’t use it that quick!! I turned off the auto renew and do not understand why one more got sent! PLEASE TAKE ME OFFFFFF"
Jason W.
Imperative for my lifestyle
"Can't live without it!"
Expensive for the amount you are getting
"I love it, i don’t have to drink coffee anymore to rely on energy. My thinking is more clear and focused. It’s just a very expensive product for the amount you are getting and there are definitely not 22 servings in one jar"
Gisele G.
Never better!
"Namaste Hanah One! I have only been using Hanah one for a few weeks and I can not extend with words how good I have been feeling! Energy levels higher, mood is calmer, general feeling in the body is superb. I honestly cannot wait to see what happens with more time! Thank you for such a wonderful, natural product! Regards, Scott Platt"
Good Morning Hanah ONE
"I previously woke in the morning to my favorite drink - a hot cup of tea - and never imagined anything could replace that joy ......... here comes Hanah One and a warm cup is my new HEAVEN !!!!!!! Delicious Can't believe my British craving is out - Hanah One THANKS xox"
teresa p.
I'm a huge fan
"Increased energy level later in the afternoon when I used to need an espresso fix to keep rolling through the day. I have not been sick with typical maladies that my wife and kids get - cold, flu, whatever....since I started my daily Hanah One routine."
Garrett K.
Second Purchase
"My experience from order to delivery was great. I am enjoying the Hannah One and have been including it within each recipe I have for morning smoothies. Great product."
Still love this stuff
"I use everyday and fully enjoy the health, energy, and immune benefits. I incorporate Hanah One into my morning routine which usually holds me until lunch and I often use it as part of my night time snack as well. Great stuff. Thanks guys. Also, I enjoy the new thicker consistency in the jar that I have noticed lately."
Andrew P.
Still going strong!
"Does exactly what is advertised, and easy to implement into a daily routine!"
Jeff P.
Hanna one
"Good. I feel more energy at workouts and throughout the day "
Heberto M.
"If you were serious about health, you wouldn't use so much sugar in your product..."
Joel W.
Love it too expensive
"Love it but won’t pay for it again. Not at $60 a pop"
robert s.
Feel Amazing
"I'm overly skeptical about everything. And I was initially skeptical with Hanah One just based on the huge incentive for new health products that claim to heal all. However, I can now say I'm 100% satisfied with this product and absolutely love it, as long as I can continue to afford it! I've been on this for about two and a half weeks now and here's my experience so far...The first two weeks, I took their recommended 2 scoop per day dosage and that's where I felt the tangible effects with regards to the energy boost and focus. However, now that I'm down to 1 scoop a day, I don't feel it as much and I'm losing more focus. The reality is I probably won't be able to really afford 2 scoops a day long term so this is something I've come to terms with and HERE'S WHY...There is no denying that I feel more relaxed, less anxious, my sleep schedule has improved greatly, I have better overall sleep in general, I have significantly less pain in areas where I've suffered injuries, and my bowel movements are working great. On top of that, as I continue to chase my fitness goals, I am feeling that their has been a vast improvement in the 2 weeks and a half I've taken this vs. the month before I got this where I needed more rest in between running days. While many may look at that and think that has to do with consistency to my workout routine, I genuinely believe, based on reading the ingredients and their effects, that it has to do with the fact that most of these ingredients help with inflammation. If this is a product that can help me with that while also helping to ween down on coffee AND I feel great, then I can confidently say that I love this product and hope to keep it in my cabinet. I just ordered my mother some who also loves it and I've placed another order for months 2 and 3. This is an expensive product, but I feel that with moderation it will compliment my life pretty amazingly. I recommend this to anyone who reads this and is skeptical...expect small results, not ALL results. These products are meant to assist with feeling better but they are not the cure. Eat healthy!"
Christopher A.
Great product!
"So far I have seen a boost in sustained energy, especially later in the day. My workouts have also been more effective and recovery time has decreased as well. My only complaint is the price of the product and that I have found that a heaping tablespoon once a day does not last 22 days. For the price I would like to see it last at least a month. Otherwise this is a fantastic product!"
James L.
I love this product!
"I have tried other Ghee products and the taste is offensive. This tastes amazing and changes how I feel. I use it daily either in my morning coffee and or on avocado toast."
Natasha P.
Ring Out the Brain
"I'm sure everyone feels or experiences something different with Hanah, but I liken it to wringing out my brain much like wringing out a wet towel.... basically getting rid of anything I don't need and tightening up my focus, taking it to another level, in-turn, making me super productive. -- I have been drinking Jimmy Chin's coffee recipe and really enjoying it! "
Parker S.
"I am in love with this product. I feel It’s made my quality of life and health better. I am an ultra runner and I can feel the diference in my athletic ability . I can tell I have better focus .my husband loves it too. "
Gloria K.
Gloria K. verified customer review of Jar
Ghee and One
"Being using the ghee and hanah one for a few weeks. Flavor of both is great. Cooking with the ghee and putting it in coffee results in a smooth flavor and texture. Definitely unique and high quality."
Andrew S.
Daily part of my routine
"I teach Pilates and Yoga plus run a retreat business based out NYC, taking Hanah One daily has helped me tremendously! I don’t crash mid afternoon any longer and love the taste. Looking forward to trying the rest of the line! "
Patricia P.


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