I would like to cancel!
"I like the product but just have way too much at the time being and need to cancel, but your website says there is no history of my account. PLs advise. "
Patrick O.
Too small a jar
"Love the product but one jar and one tablespoon a day only lasts a couple of weeks."
George H.
Fasting enlightenment
"I’ve been putting this into tea and coffee without any problems or adverse feelings. The rejuvenating and energetic feeling has been second to none. I’ve especially come to appreciate Hanah One in the morning during the last couple of hours of my daily 16-17 hour fast. It breaks my fast but brings an immense surge of energy, well being and calmness. I look forward to experiencing the long term balance of this product especially in conjunction with other supplements and weight training. Maybe served out of a squeeze tube?"
Ramon P.
Does it work?
"Ive been using now for about three weeks and honestly don't feel any different. Should I expect a better feeling in another couple weeks?"
John H.
Morning ritual
"Fantastic product, proven results!"
John D.
I like the product. I
"I like the product. I don't like the auto renew. They do it with out letting you know "
Ruben G.
"I like the taste of Hanah in my tea in the morning. As far as feeling an effect, I sense none whatsoever. I do believe the ingredients are health-promoting, however, and will continue to include Hanah in my diet when budget allows. "
Michael W.
"My arthritic back has definitely noticed a difference. And I think when ready to reorder I’ll do the auto order to make sure I don’t run out ( the discount is nice too). I just wish it mixed better with my morning coffee. There’s always some left in the bottom with residue. Am I doing something wrong?"
Barry B.
"I have returned to using ashwaghanda after a long absence - mostly due to cost. It really does help my mind think clearly and keeps anxiety from exhausting me. It works and there is science to back that."
Samuel S.
Great as an afternoon pick-me-up, especially before public speaking!
"I'm a scientist, so am pretty skeptical of "pseudoscience quackery", especially when it comes to the claims of many dietary supplements. But I will say that HANAH ONE is pretty amazing. I use it in the afternoon before I teach a biology night class and I find that my mind is much sharper when I have 2 Tbps versus not. The words come flowing out of me rather than me searching for the right word to use. Definitely recommend HANAH ONE if you have to speak in public!"
Ben M.
Great products!
"I have been using hanah one now for almost two months and the hanah ashwaganda for almost a month now and my energy levels have definitely boosted. Im not as tired in the afternoons and can push myself much more on my workouts! I have also increased focus and decreased stress with the ashwaganda and lowered anxiety some as well. Love the products, the ashwaganda jar lasts awhile but to take hanah one everyday i have to have it shipped every two weeks which is the only downside as it is a little expensive and it says there are 22 servings per jar which i dont know if i agree with."
Kellen B.
Great stuff
"Great supplement. Keep a jar at work desk and use hand held packets for surfing or wakeboarding"
Charles S.
Great tasting product
"Great taste if your protein powder isn't the best this helps or just on a slice of toast occasionally "
Zack M.
Great so far❤️
"Love Hannah One! Time to re-order. I have been eating spoonfuls straight... it’s a bit of a treat. The most magical thing for me is that my fingernails and cuticles are amazing. For someone with auto immune thyroid .... my nails haven’t been great in many many years. Looking forward to further positive results."
Loretta F.
Love my Hanah
"I eat a heaping teaspoon of Hanah each morning and wash it down with a cup of coffee with Vechur Ghee. I love the combination of honey sweetness and the buttery coffee combination! Gives me energy all day and clarity of thought."
Michael R.
Keeps me Blazin at 60yrs of age and to continue to make an impact
"Drivers for how I live my life are to enjoy an active lifestyle that keeps me engaged and to have an positive impact on the world. Hanah One is one of the tools to provide me with the health & energy to effectively engage in ice climbing, alpine climbing, sky racing, and fly fishing activities. It also has enabled me to continue to build and grow my technology consulting firm and work with leading hospitals across the country. Lastly, the people I meet on these endeavors enable to explore new horizons. @blazinasian57"
Robert K.
Robert K. verified customer review of Jar + Go-Pack
Great Stuff
"Was definitely a build up to get the full benefit, but once achieved is great for everyday support. If you stop using the product you can really feel the downside after use is halted."
Vincent T.
Vincent T. verified customer review of HANAH ONE 12-pack
I can’t say enough good things!
"I live in Colorado at 10,000 ft. Five days a week I run around in a kitchen and the other two I typically spend hiking. Hanah One makes it possible for me to go further, run faster and jump higher! "
Reuben R.
Such a Big Help!
"I was quite the skeptic, when I began taking the Hanah Ashwagandha, but was also in need of something, anything, to give me some relief from a huge stress load, in my life, starting to cause me to feel depressive. I haven’t added or changed anything else, and have noticed quite a big result after taking the Ashwagandha, at the recommended dosage. I’m on my fourth jar, and it will now be a regular supplement for me. I am a skeptic no more. I would recommend this to just about anyone..Give it a try you other skeptics:) It’s Pretty Awesome!!"
Jenny P.
Great Product!
"I've been consistently taking Hannah one for 2 months, and have especially noticed the benefits while traveling. I spent 11 days traveling all over Iceland and the one thing that was consistent was my intake of Hannah One. I believe this helped me maintain a high level of activity while not being able to maintain my macros. I do feel this product works when taken regularly with a healthy diet. "
Curtis C.
Excellent product
"Works great ! I used to suffer from brain fog and fatigue and after 3 weeks I feel much better ."
Juan M.
I enjoy the even energy it gives me
"This goes great with Hanah One in the morning coffee."
Adam B.
Actually have more energy!
"I was skeptical of any supplement claiming to help with energy levels because I’m fairly certain I’ve tried them all. I have been going through cancer treatment for the last five years and have had three major surgeries in the last three. My 33 year old body has been through the ringer and I thought I would never feel energetic or able to regain any athletic strength again. I found HANAH probably because I follow Jimmy Chin and other HANAH athletes on Insta. The ad popped up and I read all the great reviews so I figured I’d give it a shot. I’ve been taking it daily for the last couple of months and I’m shocked at the difference I feel in my overall energy and stamina in my workout routines. I haven’t felt this good in years. Sure, it might be my body healing and getting physically stronger, but I’m convinced HANAH is giving me an extra boost. I also sleep better and recover faster. I just purchased the Ashwagandha to see if that helps as well. It’s extremely expensive for me to add this supplement to my regimine - I’ve been out of work for over a year - but I can justify it because of the results. Really glad I found HANAH! "
Ashley W.
Hannah ‘To Go’!
"Excellent product for increasing focus and energy!"
Cindy S.
So far so good!
"Can’t live without it"
Great experience with Hanna One
"Great experience with Hanna One especially with mental focus and general energy though the day. Wish bottle was larger to last all month "
Heberto M.
Good energy
"I am definitely feeling better energy after workouts which is nice."
scott w.
Hanah One
"I love the energy it gives me!!"
Deidre M.
Hanah 1 review
"Hanah One has been pretty sweet. I use with warm water daily at the crack of dawn. "
Michael B.
Price vs. Serving Size
"For the jars, I don’t feel like I got my money’s worth. Overall I think the product is great but for that price I feel the jars should be a bit larger, (like a nut butter jar). It goes to quickly to spend that kind of cash so often. "
Joseph s.


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