On the go
"Nice easy package to take when traveling. "
George H.
Professionals Awesomeness
"This is almost a year for me with Hanah One and wow. I taravel with it weekly across the country and even overseas and it’s my go to supplement to fuel the machine. Learning to try it as tea or straight it has and continues to be a must have for my full schedule. Thanks Team Hanah "
Benjamin T.
Great way to start the morning
"Love starting my day before a run with Hanah One. "
George H.
Allergic to everything
"I love Hanah and feel so much better when I use it. But I have a sesame sensitivity and wish there was another base for the herbs."
Mary O.
Beyond Happy
"This product is amazing and I feel incredible after using it. "
William E.
How to cut through the morning funk and get your mind dialed in for the day, it all starts with Hanah
"I am an early riser and usually wake up before my entire household, but rest assure by 6:30 am my kids are running around the house and chaos is in full effect. Mornings for me are a mix of exercise, family time, work emails, etc...I have tried different routines to get my mind and body right for the long roller coaster days of work-life balance. Hanah has been a crucial component of my best days. I find myself much more focused, poised, and ready for whatever life throws my way. I like to mix it in my morning coffee or smoothie. If I am going extra hard that day on fitness, I do a go-pack in the afternoon as well. Once you go Hanah you won't go back. "
Matthew K.
Life changer
"Awesome stuff!!!"
Jason W.
First time user
"My wife & I ordered Hanah to try out on the recommendation of our son. Though we tried it in tea, we preferred to take it simply on a spoon. It has a gritty quality to it which we found interesting. In summary, taking Hanah had a measurable positive impact on us in a number of ways. We're hooked. Put us in the category of believers!"
Douglas B.
Good stuff!
"Well packaged product, arrived quickly and helped reduce some stomach issues I was having. "
John P.
This product is great - business travelers edge and essential to success!
"This product is great, traveling 50 wks a year this is always in my bag. If you want peak performance for the business world, add this to your day."
Benjamin T.
Bright light
"I am enjoying the experience of heightened mental clarity as well as expedited recovery from intense workouts. I continue to be impressed how it supplements my daily hanah one intake which in and of itself has been life changing in the past two years. It feels as if I am carrying a bright light in my chest. Thank you excellent quality all around "
Kevin A.
the superest of super foods
"I love Hanah! I put it in my yerba mate in the mornings, even blended bulletproof style sometimes. My favorite though is to eat it by the spoonful as a treat. I feel it give me a brain boost when I'm feeling foggy, especially in the mid-afternoon work day. The sweet yet bitter taste is so bomb. Good stuff all around! "
Madison G.
Hannah vechur ghee
"Loved the Ghee but it’s a little exoensive. Does it ever go on sale or do you have specials. "
Simmi C.
This order has been cancelled
"This order has been cancelled for three months now. "
Donna L.
Good product
"Honestly, I loved the taste of the product, loved the glass jar and loved all of the ingredients, except for the added sugar. I am not sure why this product needs sugar as the honey and ghee should make it sweet enough. "
Cort D.
My experience...
"I started using the product several months ago. I was asked to write a review earlier but I wasn’t sure what my results were until I went on vacation for a week forgetting to bring the product with me. I noticed right away in the early evening I was tired and wanted to nap. I started to wonder where all my energy and stamina went and then I realized what happened. I can honestly say it works great for me. I drink it in my coffee every morning. "
Victor U.
Great results! Tastes real bad.
"After 2 weeks, I am noticing increased energy throughout the day as well as better digestion. Normally I have trouble getting through a sleepy afternoon without caffeine, but HANAH ONE is making it easier. After my recent ultra marathon I recovered energy quickly, and felt ready to resume training after less than a week. The downside: I still really dislike the taste, and keep adding extra honey to coffee, tea, and smoothies. "
Emily H.
"Generally feel like I have more energy on my long days. "
Love it, but can't afford it.
"I love the boost of energy and brain clarity when I take Hannah One and Ashwagandha. However, it's too costly for my teacher salary. The Hannah One goes quickly. I'll probably order it occasionally as my budget allows."
Dawniel M.
I would like to cancel!
"I like the product but just have way too much at the time being and need to cancel, but your website says there is no history of my account. PLs advise. "
Patrick O.
Too small a jar
"Love the product but one jar and one tablespoon a day only lasts a couple of weeks."
George H.
Fasting enlightenment
"I’ve been putting this into tea and coffee without any problems or adverse feelings. The rejuvenating and energetic feeling has been second to none. I’ve especially come to appreciate Hanah One in the morning during the last couple of hours of my daily 16-17 hour fast. It breaks my fast but brings an immense surge of energy, well being and calmness. I look forward to experiencing the long term balance of this product especially in conjunction with other supplements and weight training. Maybe served out of a squeeze tube?"
Ramon P.
Does it work?
"Ive been using now for about three weeks and honestly don't feel any different. Should I expect a better feeling in another couple weeks?"
John H.
Morning ritual
"Fantastic product, proven results!"
John D.
I like the product. I
"I like the product. I don't like the auto renew. They do it with out letting you know "
Ruben G.
"I like the taste of Hanah in my tea in the morning. As far as feeling an effect, I sense none whatsoever. I do believe the ingredients are health-promoting, however, and will continue to include Hanah in my diet when budget allows. "
Michael W.
"My arthritic back has definitely noticed a difference. And I think when ready to reorder I’ll do the auto order to make sure I don’t run out ( the discount is nice too). I just wish it mixed better with my morning coffee. There’s always some left in the bottom with residue. Am I doing something wrong?"
Barry B.
"I have returned to using ashwaghanda after a long absence - mostly due to cost. It really does help my mind think clearly and keeps anxiety from exhausting me. It works and there is science to back that."
Samuel S.
Great as an afternoon pick-me-up, especially before public speaking!
"I'm a scientist, so am pretty skeptical of "pseudoscience quackery", especially when it comes to the claims of many dietary supplements. But I will say that HANAH ONE is pretty amazing. I use it in the afternoon before I teach a biology night class and I find that my mind is much sharper when I have 2 Tbps versus not. The words come flowing out of me rather than me searching for the right word to use. Definitely recommend HANAH ONE if you have to speak in public!"
Ben M.
Great products!
"I have been using hanah one now for almost two months and the hanah ashwaganda for almost a month now and my energy levels have definitely boosted. Im not as tired in the afternoons and can push myself much more on my workouts! I have also increased focus and decreased stress with the ashwaganda and lowered anxiety some as well. Love the products, the ashwaganda jar lasts awhile but to take hanah one everyday i have to have it shipped every two weeks which is the only downside as it is a little expensive and it says there are 22 servings per jar which i dont know if i agree with."
Kellen B.


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