Best Ghee I’ve Ever Tasted!
"I primarily use ghee for cooking. I’m very picky about my ghee. I try to stick with ghee that comes from humanely raised grass fed cows, and made using traditional methods. When my usual brand was out of stock I did a Google search and stumbled across HANAH brand. It is very expensive, but I decided to splurge to see if it’s worth the price. Oh my GOSH! This is the best tasting ghee! And the aroma it makes as you cook with it is divine! A wonderful, buttery scent! I try to use it sparingly to make it stretch, but it will be so hard to switch back to my regular brand after using this stuff. I wish it came in a larger size, and I wish it were a little cheaper. I like how it comes in a brown, glass jar as opposed to plastic. "
Christa K.
Great Stuff
"I researched for a long time before finally purchasing Hanah One and Ashwagandha+. To my surprise; I felt the effects right away and after three weeks of everyday use, I'm even happier with the way this stuff makes me feel. I have massive amounts of energy all day and an overall sense of wellbeing that I can only attribute to Hanah and Ashwagandha. "
Brett M.
"I definitely love the Hanah products. It’s been fun mixing it with my coffee, teas and fruit shakes. It’s the only supplement I take and my health and energy levels are the best they’ve been. Thank you for your work of looking for high quality herbs and putting them in a health promoting formula. Blessings "
Gabriel P.
"I don’t really FEEL a difference after taking Hanah turmeric. Is that a normal experience?"
Ryan M.
love it!
"I have been constantly disappointed in the past by herbal/supplement/adaptogen blends... but that one may actually work ;-)"
Sebastien Z.
Many thanks
"I enjoy incorporating a spoonful of Hanah each morning with a little drizzle of honey on top. I feel off my game when I skip my morning Hanah. Thanks for your product!"
Lynn K.
Two thumbs up.
"Great product with real results!"
Riley C.
Hannah One
"I have enjoyed product and looking forward to the end of the second month to see measurable results. Currently, my appetite has been reduced with an increase in energy. "
Julian M.
Energy and Focus
"I was originally enticed by the fact that Jimmy Chin and Travis Rice are advocates. I can honestly say that I was skeptical at first. After tons of research, I figured I’d give it a shot. I’ve been taking Hanah One for a little over a month now. I do feel like I rely less on caffeine than I ever used to and am able to maintain focus and memory recall more now. The taste does take some getting used to though, but overall is pretty good."
Matthew F.
Hey guys.. where's my October
"Hey guys.. where's my October shipment? Thank you"
Russell A.
30 capsules?
"Great. Great product, no complaints minus one - I have bought maybe 3 or 4 jars of Cordyceps+ thus far; I take 2 capsules daily, however, for each jar I’ve consumed I’ve always had one day where I had 1 capsule left. This has happened with every jar. Basic arithmetic dictates that if there are 30 capsules in a jar and I take 2 per day I should exhaust a jar completely (without the odd capsule left over) after 15 days. I haven’t counted yet to see if I am being shortchanged a capsule or receive an extra capsule but I intend to this time. With how expensive this stuff is if I am receiving one fewer capsule than I should then I will be pretty unhappy. If I’m receiving an extra - I appreciate it! Otherwise keep up the good work! 5-star review minus one for the odd lots I’ve received thus far."
Walter A.
"This stuff is great, I really feel better overall when taking it daily. At work, the extra afternoon energy is really noticeable. "
Oliver S.
"When I ran out of energy, grabbing caffeine was the norm which was probably not a good idea. One cordycep capsule and a large glass of filtered water gives my body/Spirit a subtle yet powerful lift. I dislike injecting opinion but it seems so different than what I was doing before. My body / Spirit knows Hannah supports Life whereas it knows my other remedy attempt does not. "
john m.
Interesting stuff
"Touted by friends, I was skeptical of the purported benefits of adding Hanah to my day. I studied the ingredients, ordered a jar,and after two weeks using Hanah I get it. One tablespoon with lemon water first thing every morning is how I eat Hanah. It enhances my focus and clarity from eight am until eleven pm, and I have no problem sleeping. I know Hanah will make me a better snowboarder. "
Tom H.
Good stuff.
"Tasted funny at first, but now I eat it off the spoon. Helped with the older 65yrs brain fog. That is worth it, right there. "
Cindy L.
Don’t Be Inpatient
"I will say, like many things it takes some time and cost for any investment. I have been enjoying the HANAH One jar and go-packs for a number of months and finally added in the cordyceps+ over the last couple months. Together they have become a recognized game changer. Noticeable levels of focus, recall and endurance on all levels of my life. I appreciate how these products are sourced in their natural environment instead of being industrialized. Quality and bioavailability are recognizable through proper management of ingredient production (land stewards) and ingredient design. Thank you Joel! "
David R.
Look no further
"This has been my first month using Hanah’s Ashwagandha, and it definitely will NOT be the last! This product is incredible, the overall boost in energy and focus is very noticeable! They also claim the product is known to boost your mood in a positive direction, I can say that I found this to be the most accurate statement made about Hanah Ashwagandha. If your looking for a legitimate, healthy boost to your everyday intake - look no further than Hanah! "
Nick L.
Cordyseps Provides a Balance
"I’m on my third jar and find that when combined with a balanced diet, exercise, and proper sleep, that I am finding a very nice balance. I’m 63 and working out 6 days a week. I’m reading and learning more than ever, and I believe it’s the Cordyceps that helps balance my routine. My endurance is as good as when I was younger!"
Michael R.
"I use the product almost every day, and feel so much better about not using so many saturated fats. It’s how I cook now. Unfortunately I don’t drink coffee so I don’t use it in that manner. But in everything else it’s an amazing supplement!"
Kristen Z.
We love Hanah
"My husband, my son and myself feel great since starting Hanah starting in June. We love the extra energy and general well being we are all experiencing . It’s now part of our desire to stay healthy and energized ! We are thrilled with results ."
Susan B.
auto renew
"Once I figured it out ( I'm falling a little behind on the tech) I love it! And saving a little money on product I like, believe in, and was going to buy anyway that's bonus!"
Barry B.
Love it
"I follow Ayurveda so I use ghee all the time. I received a Hanah email at a time when I was trying to quit or cut down on coffee. After seeing Jimmy Chin's video about how he makes bulletproof coffee with Hanah One, Vechur Chee and Four Sigmatic coffee, I decided to try it. I'm hooked. It is a great way to start the day and I like the taste and how I feel much better than other bulletproof coffees I've made with coconut oil etc. Love the Ghee and the Hanah One."
Jo J.
It really works!
"I enjoyed since two weeks and I am feeling pretty energetic"
Paolo P.
On the go
"Nice easy package to take when traveling. "
George H.
Professionals Awesomeness
"This is almost a year for me with Hanah One and wow. I taravel with it weekly across the country and even overseas and it’s my go to supplement to fuel the machine. Learning to try it as tea or straight it has and continues to be a must have for my full schedule. Thanks Team Hanah "
Benjamin T.
Great way to start the morning
"Love starting my day before a run with Hanah One. "
George H.
Allergic to everything
"I love Hanah and feel so much better when I use it. But I have a sesame sensitivity and wish there was another base for the herbs."
Mary O.
Beyond Happy
"This product is amazing and I feel incredible after using it. "
William E.
How to cut through the morning funk and get your mind dialed in for the day, it all starts with Hanah
"I am an early riser and usually wake up before my entire household, but rest assure by 6:30 am my kids are running around the house and chaos is in full effect. Mornings for me are a mix of exercise, family time, work emails, etc...I have tried different routines to get my mind and body right for the long roller coaster days of work-life balance. Hanah has been a crucial component of my best days. I find myself much more focused, poised, and ready for whatever life throws my way. I like to mix it in my morning coffee or smoothie. If I am going extra hard that day on fitness, I do a go-pack in the afternoon as well. Once you go Hanah you won't go back. "
Matthew K.
Life changer
"Awesome stuff!!!"
Jason W.


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